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Our Company

Roman Kreyol is a production company focused on the creation and distribution of digital contents (books, film, novella, and TV) that entertain and empower our audience.

We are passionate about creating high quality contents that positively depict the obstacles commonly found in our community. Our work is presented on a multi-cluster platform that aggregates entertainment, education, food and culture as a primary tool and resource for cultural exchange.


Art of Love Cast



Lambert is an aspiring entrepreneur. He is currently engaged to Audre.  While he is disappointed with Audre's chasity vow, Audre's roommate makes her intentions known.

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Audre: Now Casting

Audre is currently engaged to Lambert. She took a chastity vow until her wedding night. She is currently studying law at the local college in the evening and works as a paralegal by day. 



Ed works part-time at a local bar. His girlfriend is disappointed with his finances. His options are few and far between. He sets on a quest to do all he can to keep her love.



Wealthy, nefarious, egotistical. Alix believes that everyone has a price. He sets on a course to gain Audre's love at all co$t. 

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Julia is Audre's roommate. She is the girl that would take your money, rob you blind, break your heart and lose no sleep over it.



Sarah believes that she is a trophy girl. Although Ed swept off her feet at first, she is dissatisfied with his financial situation.   



Successful attorney. Happily married for 23 years. Upon receiving a stage four cancer diagnosis he sets on a quest to find a man worthy to replace him when he's gone.   



Attractive, elegant and a devoted wife to George Casimir for over 23 years. She is a real estate broker by day and a non profit fundraiser for causes in Haiti on the weekends.  



George's best friend from college at University d'Etat d'Haiti during the Duvalier era. He is a successful engineer and currently resides in Haiti. George confides in him.



She is Miranda's best friend. She is vivacious and shrewd. Her past relationships have made her an independent woman that engage men on her terms. 


Phil: Now Casting

A women connoisseur. He is "THE" player of all players. His philosophy and approach to dating always leave them wanting more. He has never met his match.  

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Boss Lady

Independent contractor muscle that works for Alix. She is ruthless. She is obsessed with money. She always gets results, irrespective of the task.



Subcontracts for Boss Lady. He is looking to do his last job before leaving.   



Lola is the secretary at the law firm. She is ultra friendly and a joy to watch. Although she is not a paralegal, the quantity and quality of her work puts other attorneys to shame.  



Eric joined George's law firm 4 years ago. He plots to take the firm away from George. 

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She is Ed's best friend. She helps him navigate the intricacies of modern day relationship.     
We are currently auditioning for this role.



Ed's current boss. She lives to boss her underlings while making their lives miserable.